Why Use Linux?

Tux & Windows

There are both philosophical and practical answers to this question. I’m just going to stick with the practical …

Actually, the whole gist of this website is about enjoying using computers, and doing so for free. Let’s face it, love ’em or hate ’em, we use them every day. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to enjoy using them.

First of all, I’d  like to dispel the the two common myths surrounding Linux.

Myth 1:       Linux is for geeks & nerds; it’s too complicated for average users to use.

Wrong!!    This was true up until around five years ago, but since then, the top Linux distributions have done an amazing job to improve their graphical user interfaces and to provide the average user with easy-to-use tools to operate their computers. This to the point where the other major operating systems are now not able to offer many advantages over Linux at all, if any.

I could write about this all night, but you only need to have a quick look at some of the screen shots on the “A Tour Of Linux”  page to get an idea of the quality of the desktops and applications available with Linux. The best way, of course, is to get a free download of a Linux distribution yourself and try it out on your computer. But more on that on the “How To Get Linux” page.

Myth 2:     Linux is free, so it can’t be any good.

Wrong!!   If Google, Amazon, U.S. Department Of Defence, Peugeot, to name a few, are willing to place their computer systems in the hands of Linux, shouldn’t you be confident enough to use it? 

So now, back to enjoying using computers … well, “how can you?”, you might ask, when:

  • I keep getting programs and features installed on my computer that I don’t want whenever I download something off the internet;
  • whenever I download or save something, I get confused as to where it ends up;
  • I live in fear of viruses and malware;
  • my computer often just stops responding, or crashes;
  • I’m sick of paying money for new software;
  • I want to install my software on some more computers at home but I’m not allowed;
  • I unwittingly bought some pirate software, now my computer isn’t running properly;
  • I just bought a new laptop and keep getting bombarded with offers and trial software for all sorts of things;
  • with my new computer, whenever I want to do anything I seem to need to open an on-line account with someone;
  • I was told my new PC had Word  installed. After thirty days I have to pay for it!;
  • my computer just seems to be getting slower and slower over time, but I suppose I’ll just get used to it … ;
  • all these requests to update programs keep popping up all the time when I’m in the middle of doing something. I feel like I need to constantly update something;
  • where do I go for help when persistent bugs just keep re-appearing …

Oh dear … it doesn’t sound like we’re really enjoying using our computers, does it? …

Well, this is NOT how it’s meant to be !

And the good news is, it doesn’t need to be …

There is an easy, and free, alternative. If this is sounding like an advertisement, please reassure yourselves by visiting any of the links on the “How To Get Linux” and “Links To Linux” pages. But the fact is, if you’re using Linux, the above list of complaints will disappear … and you can start enjoying using your computer for the things you want to use it for, and, yes, …for free.! You can start feeling like you own your computer and the software on it, and that you are in control.
Now take the guided “Tour Of Linux” on the next page …

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